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Kevin “DJKJ” Shiver

Founder & CEO

Famed EDM act DJKJ & K5, ruled the airwaves and the club scene in the 90’s & 2000’s with their hit songs Passion & Red Alert. DJKJ & K5 had a number of other radio & club hits in 2000s. KJ the founding member and producer/Writer of the group has continued with countless collaborations and has continued to contribute to the world of EDM & Vocal Breaks.
KJ wrote/produced and recorded “Passion” with sweet sounding vocals of Tammy Wright. It was first released on Orlando’s KRAM Records. To there surprise it sold over 8,000 copies on 12″ vinyl and garnered a lot of mix-show play and mainstream radio play. It received such a response, that a bidding war for the single and subsequent album then followed. After offers from several major labels, K5 was signed to Robbins Entertainment/BMG for the U.S. and ISBA Records for Canada, Formaldehyde/Mercury Record picked up the track for the U.K and Universal Records hopped on it for Germany. The single for “Passion” went on to sell more than 1,000,000 copies worldwide and earned K5 a gold record for selling 500,000 copies of Passion in the U.S.

KJ continues to produce under the names K5 & DJKJ but his new group “Bass Dust” has more of a Trap/Future Bass sound to it and the tracks are bangin.