KJ of K5 & DJ Rob-E (The Badboyz of Breakz “Don’T Stop The Rock”

With their first collaborative release on Cognitive Music, Bad Boyz Of Breakz, KJ of K5 and DJ Rob-E, come swinging hard with a licensed cover of the 80’s Freestyle classic Don’t Stop The Rock, delivering a fresh update to the track while maintaining the electro elements of the original.

The track starts out with a breakbeat that is very quickly met with the familiar melody and chopped up high pitched “Don’t Stop’ vocoded vocal snippets. A floor shaking 808 bassline comes in with bits of the recreated original vocoded vocal being introduced as the energy grows. By the time the verse takes over, a nasty snarling bass fills things out with the original melody as it builds to the first big break. With the drums stripped away, the vocal and a big riser continue to add intensity, building to a huge, driving complextro line. The track continues to smoothly work between the vocals and the complextro elements to its completion, weaving between both while leading listeners and breakers on an amazing journey.